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Hot House CollaborativeHothouse reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time, and in such case we will post the changes on this or a similar page of this Website. This Privacy Policy is subject to our Terms of Use, and all terms not defined here are defined in the Terms of Use. Last Updated: August 25, 2010


You understand and agree that one of the primary purposes of this Site is to collect information from you and others in order to provide such information to Hothouse to use in its business, and to permit Hothouse to provide reports and services to its clients.  All Participants and applicants to participate on this Site must provide us with their name, email address, postal address, year of birth, other demographic and interest information including but not limited to marital and family status, education, occupation, interests, and all other required registration and application information.  In addition, in order to participate in various Site activities such as panels, surveys, research, chat, and more, you may provide us with additional information as requested in relation to such items.  Although you may always decline to provide requested information, if you do so you may not be able to participate in that particular activity, you may not earn or may forfeit compensation, and your Account may be closed by us.  All information provided by you to us, whether on-line or off-line, is referred to in this Privacy Policy as “Participant Information.” 

We receive Participant Information directly from current Participants when they register or apply to participate with this Site, if nominated by friends, HotHouse colleagues and other Panelists as well as at later times when Participants provide additional information through activities such as surveys, feedback sessions, interviews, telephone conversations, chat, or any other activity.  We may combine, aggregate, and analyze Participant Information.  We may also collect and assemble Participant Information through tracking tools such as cookies or similar software or tools as described in our Terms of Use.

Participant Information may be used by Hothouse in the operation of our business.  Such activities may include storage, analysis, aggregation, de-aggregation, transfer, or comparison of Participant Information.  We may use Participant Information to send certain opportunities, such as surveys, to you and to communicate with you through any method (e.g., email, phone, fax, US mail).  If you provide us with information to nominate a new Participant, we may use that information to contact the nominee.   We may use Participant Information to improve our business and develop new insights, products and tools. Participant Information may be used in additional ways as posted on this Privacy Policy in the future. 

When Hothouse delivers reports or other business communications to our clients, prospects, or others, we de-personalize and/or aggregate Participant Information, so that any specific item of information can not be linked to you individually.  For example, we may provide aggregate information not using any individual names (e.g., “25 % of the women answering question 4 have post-graduate degrees”).  If we share information on the individual level with a client or others (for example, a quote or an answer to a specific question or survey) we de-identify the information.  For example, we would only disclose a person’s first-name and city, but not their last name or any contact information.

We may also release or provide full copies of Participant Information to third parties, including full name and other identifying information, under the following circumstances:

  • In response to subpoenas, court orders, or other legal processes.
  • If part or all of our business is sold to, merged with, or acquired by another company, in which case some or all Participant Information would then belong to such new company.
  • If we suspect a User of committing fraud, breaching the Terms and Conditions, or engaging in activity which is harmful to Hothouse, our clients or others.
  • We may share Participant Information with third parties as reasonably necessary for us to operate this website and to provide offers and services to Users.  For example, if we must mail you a payment, we may use your mailing address, and place it on an envelope, in order to mail the check to you, and write your name on a check.
  • In order to help us run our business, we may receive assistance from contractors and consultants, and they may, in some cases, have access to Participant Information, but in such case the contractors and consultants will be under an obligation of confidentiality.

Note, certain areas of the Site and other activities may permit you to communicate directly with other Participants and/or Hothouse clients.  We do not control, and are not responsible for, any actions taken by other Participants or any others with whom you choose to share any information directly. 

This website may contain links to third party websites including client and vendor websites. We do not control or monitor the privacy practices of websites operated by others. We are not responsible for the performance of these sites or for your business dealings with them. Your use of other websites is subject to the terms and conditions of those websites, including the privacy policies of those websites.

A “cookie” is a small data file that may be saved to and stored on your computer when you visit a website or open an email.  Cookies permit a website to “remember” whether your computer has visited the website before and helps the website create a more personalized experience for you and records activities taken by you, such as offers completed.  US Government Information Bulletin (I-034) contains a good description of cookie technology at:

In addition to cookie technology, we may use additional third party technology and tracking tools to record additional information such as offers and activities completed by you, Panelists referred by you, and to communicate information about you, such as demographic information (e.g., age, gender), in order to target offers and opportunities to specific groups as requested by our clients .  Cookies and other tracking technology is collectively referred to as “Cookies and Recording Tools.”

Your computer permits you to change the settings on your web browser to not accept and/or disable Cookies and Recording Tools.  However, if you do not accept Cookies and Recording Tools used by us, you may not be able to use certain functions on the website or participate in certain activities.  Also, if you do not accept Cookies and Recording Tools you may not receive credit for panels, surveys, or other actions completed by you because we are unable to track and record your activity.  If you do not want to accept Cookies and Recording Tools, you must stop using this website. 

We use a number of sophisticated protocols to protect Participant Information: the separation of respondent and response data, sophisticated password functionality and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology when we gather and transfer sensitive personal information. We also support encrypted file transfer (PGP encryption). However, you also understand and agree that we cannot ensure the privacy or security of any information transmitted over the Internet including through email, and that we are not responsible for any wrongful or criminal activities of third parties such as hackers. 

If you have questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, or with to access your registration information, or wish to stop participating with this Website in the future (although we may retain Participant Information previously provided by you), please email us at or send us a letter by first class postage prepaid U.S. mail or overnight courier to the following address:

Hothouse Collaborative, LLC
The Rainbow Building
1422 West Lake Street, Suite 300
Minneapolis MN 55408

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